Free Webinar on Data Structures and Algorithms

Date:  Apr 16, 2023     Time: 8:00 PM   Duration: 1.5 Hrs

Free Webinar on Data Structures and Algorithms

Date: Apr 16, 2023  
Time: 8:00 PM 
Duration: 1.5 Hrs

Why Data Structures and Algorithms?

Computer science legend Donald Knuth once said “I don’t understand things unless I try to program them.” We also believe that the best way to learn an algorithm is to program it. Just start your journey with mastering the basics of Data Structures and Algorithms, practicing coding questions & attempting the assessment tests from anywhere in the world! In this webinar, we will start from the basics of C++ and walk you through the different types of data structures and algorithms with their implementations in real life.

Agenda for the Webinar!

Introduction to Competitive Programming

Basics of Data Structures and Algorithms

Applications of Data Structures and Algorithms

Hands-On Demo Session

Career Prospects

Q&A Session


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