How to build career in Software Development as a fresher

A fresher possesses potential, talent, and ability necessary to land a job, but he or she lacks the skills that the employer seeks. If you are placed on campus, it is fantastic; otherwise, your job search might be lengthy and stressful. The majority of that number ends up in low-paying jobs where most engineers are dissatisfied but are forced to work under duress in fields other than IT.

This is the story of every fresher who’s just passed out from college and is ready to enter into this digital sector of IT. Each and every one wants to secure their career and want to grab the ideal job in software development field.

As we know, software is a collection of programs that are written for the purpose of functionality and it can be developed for a variety of purposes as per requirements and needs. In today’s era it can also be clearly seen as the need of software and software developers has increased after covid-19, because most of the business and corporate sectors have switched to the digital mode.

First of all we will take a quick overview of this field. Software development is the engineering process, which explains every single step of the development of the software. Generally, software development is focused on computer programming, designing, implementation, unit testing, integration testing, documentation, bug fixing and maintenance of overall product after deployment. As a fresher, if you have the right skills you can easily enter in this job these days.

Here, you will get to know about the simplest and effective strategy to get a high paying deserving job in the field of software development: 


Benefits of Software Development Field 

Average Salary

According to, the average salary of a fresher software developer in India is 6 LPA, it will increase as the candidate gains experience in this field.


Determination and consistency is the key which will help a fresher to make career in the software development field. The necessary skills are programming skillset, data structures, algorithms, OOPs concept and practice of various real life problems through various coding platforms. Various training platforms will help you to take job in this sector rapidly. It will take around 6-8 months to get prepared from beginner level and will help you to grab the job in Software Development field as a fresher.

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