Online Payments

  1. Any participant who is found guilty of breaking any rules or lands himself/herself in trouble by not following the regulations and guidelines should know that in any such circumstances, Diginique TechLabs would not be responsible for it any scenario. Moreover, his/her participation would be cancelled if any such above mentioned action is being taken against him/her.
  2. Any activity that is found to be illicit or involving unlawful action would be taken into consideration and the final decision would rest in the hands of the organization.
  3. Diginique TechLabs reserves the right to amend, modify or withdraw offer made to the participant.
  4. Any participant found or caught tampering or misusing the property of Diginique Techlabs or of the venue would be duly dealt with and would be liable to any penalty awarded to him/her.
  5. All participants, irrespective of anything are expected to, and must abide by the rules laid out by Diginique TechLabs and its associates. The participant must not deviate from the set rules at any point.
  6. Team Diginique shall be regarded as the sole authority for interpretation of any kind of terms mentioned above.
  7. If the event/workshop/training gets cancelled, the complete amount would be refunded to the participants within one week regardless the date and time of conducting.
  8. No any amount would be refunded under any circumstances except the cancellation of event/workshop/training by Diginique TechLabs.
I accept the following terms and conditions.